What makes the Video Strip Poker HD so special? Below, you will find a shortlist of the most exciting features of the game. Many of them were created as a response to best ideas we received as feedback from strip poker fans:

  • Opponents from around the world
    the girls come from Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle and Far East. Fans of every kind of beauty will be satisfied.
  • High Definition video quality
    Great video quality. Connect your PC to a LCD projector or bigscreen TV!
  • Fullscreen gameplay
    you can play the game with fullscreen videa and a compact game dashboard to enjoy the girls the most.
  • Automatic opponents download
    the game will download all the girls you want automatically. No mess with files, folders, downloading, saving, etc. You play poker, the game takes care of the rest.
  • Quick and easy game activation
    No more serial numbers and passwords. And users are even better protected.
  • Automatic game state save
    The last stage of the game is saved, so you can always return to the game and start playing from the last stage you achieved with each girl.
  • Easy to use new opponents ordering
    The game has built-in opponents store synced with opponents automatic download feature. No logging in, no passwords, no complicating routines which should be simple.
  • New girls actions
    Hundreds of new tempting actions featuring all opponents.
  • On demand actions.
    If you click appropriate buttons on the bottom right of the window the girl will do something exciting for you. 
  • Improved game IQ
    the game makes even more human-like decisions.