This adult game is based on classic version of draw poker. You can play 32 cards deck or 52 cards deck (7-A or 2-A, no jokers). The colors values of cards are equal. Rules of the game are described HERE

You can play the Video Strip Poker HD in a window or fullscreen enjoying the HD quality. To switch just double click the video screen or click appropriate button on the window title bar. Also, if necessary, you can change the aspect ratio of the video with the TAB button on your keyboard.

Strip Poker Screenshot Strip Poker Screenshot Strip Poker Screenshot

The purpose of this sex game is to win the poker game and as a consequence to undress the girl. During the game you can make use of the special buttons in the lower right corner of the game window. With these buttons you can make a wish: the girl would show you a bit more or she would do something for you. Depending on particular girl's temper the results may be surprising. You can also offer her a drink to make the atmosphere easier. But be careful: drinks are not free so you'll have to your virtual money and it' isn't obvious the girl will accept it.

Strip Poker special gesture Strip Poker adult games features

When the girl is short of money she will offer a piece of clothes to get some money to keep playing. If you win the piece you will watch the striptease and you will be able replay it from the very beginning, if you like. If, for any reason, you need to stop playing the game you will be able to start the game with this girl from the same stage (for your convenience this feature starts saving the game state from the 2nd stage on).

Also, every time you manage to undress the girl completely, you will receive a reward - one heart. Each heart you earned allows you to start the game next time from the stage the girl is more and more undressed. If you win all the hearts you will be able to see the entire striptease and start the game from any stage you want.

Sexy girls love to behave naughty

During the game the girls will flirt, they will try to disctract you in various ways. They will be happy, sad, angry, they will make comments on the game. They differ in terms of temper, behaviour, difficulty of the game: some of them play smartly, while the others play quite carelessly. If you don't feel lucky in cards have a look at cheats section of this website.

Strip Poker Supreme remastered  

Strip Poker Supreme remastered

Some of the girls feature "Supreme Remastered" icon - they are the original "Video Strip Poker Supreme" opponents remastered in High Definition. The Supreme version girls differ a bit from the original HD opponents in terms of gambling style and special shows you can start with "hot pepper" buttons in the lower right corner of the game window. These buttons start special shows with more nudity while the payment for the show (in the game's fake currency of course) goes to the pool, so you can win it back. You only pay once for the show and you can watch it as many times as you want.


Strip Poker Classic remastered

The opponents marked as "Classic Remastered” orginate from the "Video Strip Poker Classic”. The original video has been reedited and remastered in HD quality. Unlike the "Video Strip Poker HD” opponents, the on-demand gestures for "Classic" opponents are not available. Also, the "Classic” opponents do not talk.